Sunday, September 7, 2014

I DID IT!!!! 9/6/14

I finally finished my first form box!! What an incredible learning experience. I would never have completed it - certainly not to this high degree of finish - without all the help, guidance, encouragement, and "needling" from Rodney O'Dell Davis!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Now it's on to Form Box # 2...and then my first "creative project"!! Wheet whooooo!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st...already?!

I have no idea where this year has gone!! I've been busy these past few's what I've been up to...

First and foremost...I am nearly done with my first form box! Actually, I plan on finishing it today! Hopefully Rodney (my teacher) will agree and give me the "thumbs up"...I can't wait to sign and frame this sucker!! I know it's no great piece of art...but I am beyond proud of it...and myself for "hanging in there" with this very time-consuming but verrrrrry worthwhile exercise!!

I'm still working on learning "Indirect" oil painting. Here are a couple of portraits I'm working on ... I hope to get some color on them this week in class!!
After W.A. Bouguereau
After David Gray
Here's a little watercolor I did...I started with Ultramarine Blue in the shadows! It's loose...but was such fun to do! I'm planning on packing my watercolor supplies so I can play with them while I'm on vacay in the Caribbean!! So...more watercolors to post here soon!!

And here's another David Gray copy. This one was sketched freehand (rather than with a grid)...and is painted with oils using the "direct" method. The first pic is the drawing...and the second is my underpainting. Note to self...graphite is hard to cover!! We'll see if I can get it covered sufficiently when I do the overpainting!! I must admit...I really love painting like this!!!
First glaze with "wipe out"

After David Gray
And that's it for now!