Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ani Academy - Oct. 12-17, 2014

I just spent the most amazing - and productive - week at the Ani Academy-Waichulis in Wilkes-Barre, PA!! Here's a pic of the gorgeous foliage...looking out from the Ani Studio property. I struggled to keep my eyes on the road driving up from Richmond, VA! The golds and oranges were stunning...and the reds, beyond spectacular!!

I worked with Rodney O'Dell Davis all week...with additional guidance from Anthony Waichulis, Phil Kidd, Jason Brady...as well as a number of other artists!! I started on my "Creative Project"...(even though I haven't yet completed my second "Form Box" drawing). Rodney will be leaving sometime in the near future to open a new Ani Academy Studio in Thailand...so I wanted him to help me with composition, photos, block-in, etc. before he leaves! Here's a quick peek...

It wasn't ALL work, though...we took a break to have a Fall "Festival" dinner with Anthony and his beautiful (and talented) wife, Leah. Here's a pic of Anthony carving the Tur-duck-en...under the watchful eyes of Lady!!

And here's a pic of my progress...
Block-In Detail

Beginning "modeling"
Working on "tree" (in center)
The finished work will be 15" x 12.7"...and will be primarily charcoal & white pastel...with red, orange, & green pastel "crayons"! I'm nervous...and excited all at the same time!! Will post more pics of my progress soon.