Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A new still life...

Still life color study from yesterday's class with instructor David Tanner. 

I've discovered several things in just 2 weeks of classes...
  1. Stepping back is essential. I didn't realize until last evening that the angle of top box is wrong. Unfortunately, because of the location of my easel in class, I wasn't really able to step back. Next time I'll position myself better.
  2. I have a desire to blend out my paint...and in this class, it's more about getting the colors and values right...and less about blending everything.
  3. I need not be afraid to make the darks DARK! I am really timid when it comes to the darker values. Exploring the full range of values is definitely something I'm going to work on!
  4. Standing for three full hours is really exhausting...next week I'm grabbing a stool to sit on for at least part of the class!
Oh...plus...David shared with the class that there is a 5-page article about him in Plein Air magazine. Very impressive! Am definitely buying that issue!!

Until next time...

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