Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oil Class - April 13, 2014

A quick update on yesterday's oil painting class!

A new still life...

My goals for yesterday's class were to:
  1. Pay extra attention to cast shadows...especially values!
  2. Work on "visual blending."

Here's what I learned (and what I plan on working on this week and in next week's class):
  1. Composition (I wanted to get both top and side planes of the table/tablecloth! I wish I had paid closer attention to vertical placement of the vases...bringing them down an inch would've helped!!)
  2. Better use of appropriate values to "turn the form." The forms "reads" flat...especially the little white one! I do like how the table turned out, though!!
  3. Accuracy of drawing! The best use of color and values means very little when the drawing is inaccurate!! 
And that's it for now!! Back soon!

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