Saturday, August 24, 2013

I'm back to "Daily Sketching"!!

Sooooo...after several days of vacationing with my husband and some very dear friends of ours, I'm back to daily sketching. I'm shocked at how rusty my drawing skills became after just a few days!!'s what I've done in the past several days...

8/21/13 - I found a photo of this fun sculpture on I have no idea what it's called or who the artist is...I just wanted to sketch it!

8/22/13 - My birthday! I spent the day doing fun things...including sketching this Bargue Plate! Then, a scrumptious birthday dinner with my handsome hubby!

8/23/13 - My sweet friend and incredibly talented artist - Carter Stuart - invited several friends and fellow artists to the river for an "art day"!! Can a day be incredibly relaxing and stimulating all at the same time? Because that's exactly what this day was for me! I discovered this antique water pump tucked in a backyard garden...and decided I needed to draw it! So, I sat down in the grass with my tumbler of red wine and began sketching. Unfortunately, my sketching session was cut short when it started raining! I rather like how the sketch turned out, though!

8/24/13 - I decided to set up a little still-life. (These are fake!) Eggs and tomato and green pepper...hmmmm...sounds like an omelette in the making to me!!

And that's it for me...see you soon.

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